Renewing Touch Therapies
Massage & Facials

Please call 228.231.1091 to schedule an appointment. 

Our hours are by appointment, 10am - 6pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Walk-in and same day appointments are accepted when availability allows.  


We understand that plans change, however we kindly request 24-hours notice of cancellation so we are able to fill your scheduled appointment time.  


Massages by Rachel

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Basic Massages

30 min | $50

60 min | $100

90 min | $150 

120 min | $200 

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage uses slow, firm strokes and deep finger pressure that follow the grain or the cross grain of the muscle and is used to soothe pain and stiffness in muscles, tendons, and fascia. 

Hot Stone

Applying warm stones to the back allows the heat from the stones to deeply penetrate the muscles and relieve tension in this relaxing massage.

Traditional Cupping

Cupping uses flexible rubber cups where suction is created on the skin mobilizing blood flow in order to promote healing.

Trigger Point

Trigger point massage therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release.

Specialized Massages

60 min | $120

90 min | $180 

120 min | $240 

Heated Bamboo

Similar to the techniques found in a Hot Stone massage, warm bamboo is used to roll and knead the tissue to help alleviate muscle tension and general aches and pains. 



A pre-natal massage aids in relief of low back discomfort, eases water retention, improves circulation and provides some much-needed relaxation and pampering to the mother. 


A deeply relaxing experience applying traditional Swedish and sports massage techniques focused on the foot and lower leg.


Massage Packages & Extras

Essential Oil Drop Therapy

60 min | $100

Complete Organic Essential Oils customize your session to your needs.  Improves emotional wellbeing, immune functions, ease muscle and joint discomfort, reduce stress, and realigns the energy centers of the body.

Renewing Touch Spritzer


90-minute massage of choice with Dermaplaning & Oxygen Facial 

Additional Services

Dry brushing (20 min) | $30

​Salt & sugar scrub ​(30 min)​ | $55 

​Dermal hydrating wrap (30 min) | $65

​Thai detox wrap  ​(45 min)​ | $6​0​

Mud wrap  ​(60 min) | $​60​ ​


Massage packages can be shared with one other person.  Must be used within one year from date of purchase.

Six: purchase six massages, get one hour free. | $600

Ten: purchase ten massages, get 90-minutes free. | $1000

Fourteen: purchase 14 massages, get two-hours free. | $1400

Complimentary Services

Extras with any treatment

Hot towels (hands or feet) 


Aromatherapy warm mask 

Hot oil scalp massage


Facials by Brittany


To schedule an appointment with Brittany for a facial call: 985-210-5851

Speciality Facials

Dermaplaning with Oxygen | $120

Jump Start 3-in-1 Specialty | $150

Regenerating Facial with Oxygen | $110

Chemical Peels | $110

Rejuvenating Refresher | $85

Deep Pore Cleanse (acne) | $75

Radiant Express | $55​

Brows & Lashes

Lash Lift & Tint | $105

Brow Wax & Tint | $35

Lash Lift & Tint and Brow Tint & Wax | $125


First appointment (2 hours) | $350

Touch Up, 4-6 weeks after 1st appt (1.5 hours)  | $125

Touch Up, after 12 months | $175


Brow | $15

Lip | $10

Chin | $15

Underarm with Exfoliation | $90

Half Legs | $50   Full Legs | $75


High Frequency Hair Treatment | $15+

Paraffin wax | $20+

Spot Treatment | $15+

Eye Treatment | $15

Gold Collagen Mask | $20